AC Maintenance and Repairing in Dubai-

Owning an AC in Dubai isn’t a luxury, it is a necessity. And when the AC breaks down, the heat whiplash isn’t a bit desirable. From ruining your sweet sleep to making your life at work unbearable, AC problems can be a nightmare to deal with. Yes, AC maintenance in Dubai is an unavoidable requirement, if you agree so then we are here to help you.


ABU HASAN AC repair Dubai provides solutions to all your AC woes. One of the trusted AC Maintenance Companies in Dubai. We guarantee you that our services are of top class with high efficiency. Our skilled technicians are certified HVAC professionals who shall repair your ACs in minimum time.


Long neglect of AC maintenance can give rise to problems that might cost you more, such as, buying a new one. So, knowing when to call the AC maintenance company is crucial.


Signs your AC needs servicing/repairing-


Poor Performance

Since it’s a machine, therefore regular servicing of the AC unit will maintain its optimum performance. When an AC unit has not been serviced for too long, the pile up of grime prevents the air conditioning system from breathing, both in and out.


Leaking Water

It is a known fact that air conditioners will leak or drip excessive water at some point. Have you noticed this happening with your AC unit? If yes, then it’s either because the unit hasn’t been routinely serviced or because the condensate pump has failed. In any case, the repair is simple and usually doesn't take too long.


Failure to Cool

Another common air conditioning issue faced by AC owners quite frequently is failure to cool. It results from two potential problems- either the chilled water strainers are clogged by grit or dirt in the water or the filters are dirty and it stops the cool air from coming through.


Excessive Noise

If your air conditioner sounds louder than usual, it’s most likely a faulty fan or condensate pump that’s to be blamed. Worry not, both are easy to fix or replaceable. However it’s important that you proactively get repairs done to prevent further damage to the AC unit.


Bad Smell

As we know, air conditioning units recirculate the air within a room. That results in smells and odors building upon the AC cooling coils. Now, as the system removes moisture from the atmosphere, a build-up of bacteria breeds that can only be cleaned with special chemicals. If you want to avoid such foul smells then service the AC regularly.


Increased Electricity Bill

The air filters in an AC keep the dust out of its system, allowing it to run smoothly. They block the dust and let the clean air inside the AC to get cooled. But with daily usage, these air filters get choked with dust and make the AC work harder to get the air inside. That often leads to high power consumption and enormous electricity bills. So, if you have noticed a sharp rise in your electricity bill then maybe check your AC filters if they require cleaning. In case they are old, get them exchanged.


So, if you notice any of the above signs in your AC then contact us. Our expert qualified mechanics are equipped with knowledge and experience. They know how to perform their task efficiently without much stalling and thus, provide hassle-free service to customers. You can rely on us for all sorts of maintenance issues like plumbing service, AC maintenance service, masonry service, carpentry service, etc.


If you want to get instant Air Condition Maintenance in Dubai, call us. With ABU HASAN AC Repair Dubai, you speedy services, such as-


  • Free consultations with the mechanic
  • Error-free proper installation of air conditioners.
  • Emergency repair service 24 hours.
  • Proper plans for every single unit of air conditioners.
  • Pool installation
  • Repair and heating of pool


Beside the above mentioned services, you shall get 24*7 expert online help too. Our tech-mechs will resolve your AC problems in no time.


Indeed, AC breakdown can cause distress to the point of making you cranky, especially when you need it the most. So, before it gets to that point, fix it and bask in cool AC breeze. We, at Abu Hasan Technical Works (AHTW) strive to have your A/C up and running efficiently within 24 hours of visiting your property. On a side note, it is advisable to have quarterly AC maintenance service done from us to dodge problematic encounters in the future.





Every device has a specific language to communicate, and if the language is decoded then service and maintenance are only paper words. We, AHTW are well aware of the law; our skilled and experienced technicians are at a next step of troubleshooting and preventive maintenance.
Delicate electronics devices are not only needed to be maintained regularly but also needed to be replaced with genuine spare parts, if required. We, at AHTW do assure the genuine spare parts replacement, assuring commitment for long life service.
AC’s are generally used in summer, but in rest of the seasons, if those are kept unused and lack of maintenance may lead to a severe service issues. And, hence we, at AHTW do recommend and offer seasonal maintenance for AC’s.
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