Handyman Services

Expert Handyman Services in Dubai-

Is there a broken tile or a window unhinged that needs fixing? Are there expert handyman services jobs around the house that you have been putting off due to lack of time? Worry not! Allow us to extend a helping hand with all these odd jobs while you stay stress-free.

Abu Hasan Technical Works L.L.C is the best Dubai expert handyman services provider. So, Get all kinds of home maintenance, repair, and replacement work for residential as well as commercials done to us. From air-conditioner and plumbing services to painting and masonry services, etc. if you are looking for high-quality house fixing assistance then we are at your beck and call.


Our team of expert handyman services is well-trained to handle any kind of building maintenance works professionally. We provide all kinds of home maintenance, plumbing, and AC repair, electrical services, painting service, and cleaning services under one roof. Tile repairs, window seals, fixing appliances, or putting up shelves- get all your house fixing jobs done by our skilled handymen who arrive at your house with the necessary tools. So, you needn’t worry about a thing.


So Keeping our customers’ best interests at heart, we provide pocket-friendly solutions. Abu Hasan Technical Works L.L.C is a reputed handyman Dubai company that has the most affordable and expert handyman services in Dubai for a hassle-free experience.



Our expert handyman services Include:


Hanging and odd jobs for expert handyman services

From picture hanging and TV mounting to bath and shower screen fitting – So we can install it all for you, efficiently and neatly. Our expert handyman Service provider has all the right tools and skills to install whatever you need.


Repair Jobs

From small leaks to furniture repairs and full property maintenance, we will handle it all with diligence. Although We’ll send a multi-skilled repairman to your residential or commercial property so you save the time and money you’ll waste on looking and paying for a separate electrician or plumber.


Electrical Services

From light fixture installation to full property rewiring – So we have the right electrical expert handyman to handle your request with the utmost efficiency. The specialist sent to you is fully equipped and able to help you with even the most complicated electrical maintenance and repairs.


Painting Services

As We have professional painters and decorators that can handle any painting job you’ve got waiting. Equipped with the necessary skills and equipment to finish the job quickly and efficiently without causing a mess.

Plumbing Services

If you have noticed that a pipe at your place is leaking, the problem will only get worse. So act now and call in skilled and fully equipped plumbers to take care of the problem for you. As an Expert Handyman Service provider has all the right tools and knowledge to install, replace or fix indoor and outdoor pipes, deal with dripping taps, blocked drains, toilets or sinks, shower faults, and anything else related to your pipework system.


Carpentry Services

From small home furniture solutions to building unique house fittings. There’s a team of professional carpenters in Dubai who can build you bespoke furniture of superb quality. You can furnish your home or workplace with unique units made especially for you instantly. Also, we are able to help you with simple woodwork repairs with our expert handyman Services


Bathroom Refurbishment

Cracked tiles, drafty windows, and faulty plumbing are simply signs that indicate you’re in need of bathroom refurbishment and care. WeFixUAE expert handyman services will provide you with ace bathroom fitters and installers for both complete or small bathroom renovations in Dubai.


Kitchen Refurbishment

When the doors of your kitchen cabinets fall off their hinges when not a single appliance seems to work as intended, when your sinks are constantly clogged, and when the cheerful colors of your walls have long since faded. Afterward, you know it’s time for an upgrade. So, don’t hesitate to call us for the best and most expert handyman service provider.


Benefits Of expert handyman services-


Professional Installation

Our Expert handymen are skilled in fixture installations, which means that you don’t have to stress about uneven wall hangings and dangling wires. Just leave it to us to fix them.


Hassle-free Experience

All our handymen are trained to expert standards. We take up the job and finish it to perfection. But that’s not it, one of our commitments is that we always clean up after ourselves so that you are not bothered much.


Peace of Mind

With Abu Hasan Technical Works L.L.C., you can enjoy revamping your house anytime without having to worry about the stress or mess of doing the job yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of work does Handyman Services Provide?

Ans- Handyman Service Provider Will in general perform home improvement and support administrations, from fixing windows and painting walls to putting in new appliances or getting done with odd tasks. As Some work like electrical wiring or bigger development occupations will require exceptional permitting or overall project workers.

  1. What are some common things that a handyman would repair?

Ans- Faucet Leaks, Floor repairs, Small paint jobs, and simple electrical repairs such as replacing a light switch.

  1. Would I be charged by the hour or by the project?

Ans- Firstly, If a job has a lot of hidden problems like damages or water termites that should be solved frequently then it would be charged hourly. Secondly, As Uncomplicated jobs that would be worked in a pattern like installing a door would be priced by the job so for that always take a written quote before getting your work done.

  1. Does a handyman need insurance?

Ans- Yes and for confidential works always ask to see his policy. As they always have to carry their insurance liability because there is always a chance of getting injured while working on the job, to cover them on the off chance that they ought to make harm your property, or on the other hand assuming you’re harmed by awful workmanship.

Ahtw Maintenance gives a free and easy registration process. So don’t hesitate to get quality services with us! As we are always ready to proceed with fast and quick services in Dubai. Call us now to get more detailed information or for booking details.best handyman services in dubai