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Ahtw Maintenance Company helps you to get the best quality Painting Services in Dubai. If you are looking for good home painting services in Dubai, so don’t worry we are here to give you full satisfaction with our professional and experienced, best-painting services in Dubai that will last longer.

It is very important to give good maintenance to a house, as we all know that inner beauty matters a lot, That’s why people always make their house neat and clean from the inside, but it is very necessary to make it look good from the outside.

A nicely painted and maintained house not only gives positive vibes but also admiration in your onlookers. It shows what a protective and high-maintenance personality you have, with respect to giving your business to your own house. That being said, and as has been faced earlier, we understand the hassle of painting service while living in a house, especially in a bungalow, and due to heavy temperatures in Dubai.

Our Painting Service Specialities:

It is not that possible to protect your house for the last 4-5years as the color gets faded off, that’s why it is safe to say that keep in maintenance owned house after 1-2 years of painting.

  • We will give you high-quality service in every possible way. As Ahtw Maintenance is a very owned  ‘Painting Company in Dubai with proper expertise in wall painting and decoration services. Get professional painting services in Dubai for commercial or residential purposes.
  • We are always ready and have a very reliable professional team for painting, that will be able to meet your requirements in all real aspects.
  • We highly esteem dealing with your home like our own and guarantee your total fulfillment.
  • Our painters are completely prepared to paint your home inside your pre-laid-out financial plan and course of events. Our inside and outside house painting service methods will guarantee that we make a negligible disturbance to your bustling way of life.

Our Painting Service Expertise:

We will connect you with our experts in your area for painting services in Dubai. As per your convenience and get it on your scheduled time at home for proper Maintenance services.

A painting company you can count on for long-lasting, quality painting results.

  • Our service includes all types of Painting Work, Water Proofing Work, Tile Work, POP Work, Plumbing Work, Pest Control, and also for Ac Maintenance and repairing Services as per the needs.
  • We provide Residential Painting Services in Dubai, and we bend over backward to furnish property holders with the greatest outcomes and consumer loyalty. We offer private work-of-art administrations in outside-house painting, inside-house painting, and numerous different administrations.
  • As we have our professional expert executives for every single related service, work to your satisfaction and for better results. We are providing door-to-door services with our technical executive or our service provider with the best Painting Company in Dubai.
  • Frequent painting of your home shields the dividers from everyday mileage. Our master painters will inform you where to utilize various sorts; of paint to safeguard the more uncovered region of your home, keeping it looking delightful for a more extended time frame.

Benefits of Painting Services in Dubai-

New Coat-

Unfavorable weather conditions destroy the look of your house. And over the years, as the paint comes off, your mansion starts looking uneven. So, why not upgrade the look with a fresh coat of paint?

Uplifts the Mood-

The perfect color can give your home a jolly atmosphere. From cool tones to vibrant tint, you have an attire of possibilities to transform your house into an elegant space.

Protection from Wear and Tear-

Periodic painting of your house safeguards or protects the walls from daily wear and tear. Our professional painters will advise where to use different types of paint. Protect the more discovered space of your home, keeping it looking beautiful so it lasts a long.

In case of a tight budget for painting walls, our professional painters shall provide you with affordable painting services in Dubai at affordable cost. We shall discuss a proper plan with you before taking up the task at hand.

Procedure for Painting Works

Our experienced Plumbers can professionally bear it out any type of task big or small.

Preparation and Removal

Both the preparation and removal of wallpaper are a lot more difficult. The time consuming and more costly than that paint. Paint cant is fully removed which is why it has to be scraped and painted over. This, if not done professionally can possibly look unfinished and un-neat.


When it comes to variety, there is limitless choice in both. Wallpapers are making a major comeback and are available in stunning designs. This factor depends entirely on which you think will match your style aesthetic more. It would be better for your home in the long run.

One of the best parts about wallpapers is that along with designs, there are also a variety of textures available. You can also get textures with paints as well but that requires special application techniques, which are time-consuming and costly to our Painting Services in Dubai.


Wallpapers if applied professionally, and through correct preparation are extremely durable and long-lasting. They are perfect for homes with children as they are a lot more resistant to wear and tear and come in scrubbable varieties.

However, areas with extremely high moisture such as bathrooms may cause the wallpaper to peel from corners as it is applied with adhesive.

Paints, even though not as durable as wallpaper, require a much easier preparation and are a lot more inexpensive. Painting Services is also now available in dust and dirt-resistant varieties as well. Paints however do get chipped and damaged which requires repainting.


The overall Painting Service related preparation and application process of wallpaper is a little more costly than paint.

Since wallpaper is bought in rolls, those also tend to cost a lot more than paint hence it can be said that wallpaper services are likely to cost you more than paint services.

However, it is understood that prices may vary depending on the wallpaper design and type you choose or the type of paint you choose.

In the event of a limited financial plan for painting dividers, our master painters will give you reasonable painters administrations at a sensible expense. We will chalk out a legitimate arrangement with you prior to taking up the undertaking.

System of Painting

First coat of Acrylic Primer, NATIONAL PAINT, RAK.DELUX

and second coat Acrylic Primer, NATIONAL PAINT, RAK, and Dulux

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