Painting Services-

If you are looking for home painters in Dubai then we are here for you. House painting is an important maintenance service that any house deserves. While it’s true that inner beauty matters but in the case of your humble abode that adage applies inside-out. A nicely painted house not only inspires admiration in your onlookers but it also reflects well on you as the owner of the house. It shows that you care about how you live and are mindful of tidiness.


That being said, we understand the hassle of painting a house especially if you have a bungalow. Weather, in general, and the harsh Dubai sun doesn’t make it easier either. With their adverse effects on the exterior paint of your house, it is safe to say that once a year, if not twice, your house needs retouching of paint. So, why not increase the value of your house with quality painting jobs by us?


AHTW Painting is a leading company for wall painting and decoration services in Dubai with complete expertise. We provide advanced painting services to both, residency as well as corporate companies. Our reliable team of professional Dubai painters are able to meet your requirements in a real aspect. We have a reputation of being qualified Dubai painters and are famous for our unique collection of work. As an organization, we take pride in our painters’ ability to make your house look gorgeous and keep it stay gorgeous.


Benefits of painting services-


New Look-

Unfavourable weather conditions mar the look of your house. And over the years, as the paint comes off, your mansion starts looking shabby. So, why not upgrade the look with a fresh coat of paint.


Uplifts the Mood-

The right colour of the paint can give your home a cheery atmosphere. From cool tones to vibrant hues, you have an array of possibilities to transform your house into an inspiring space.


Protection from Wear and Tear-

Frequent painting of your house safeguards the walls from daily wear and tear. Our expert painters will advise where to use different types of paint to protect the more exposed areas of your home, keeping it looking beautiful for a longer time.


In case of a tight budget for painting walls, our expert painters shall provide you with affordable painters services at a reasonable cost. We shall chalk out a proper plan with you before taking up the task.


Procedure for Painting Works

Our experienced Plumbers can professionally carry out any plumbing task big or small.


Preparation and Removal

Both the preparation and removal of wallpapers is a lot more difficult, time consuming and costly than that of paint. Paint cant be fully removed which is why it has to be scraped and painted over, this, if not done professionally can possibly look unfinished and un-neat.



When it comes to variety there is limitless choice in both. Wallpapers are making a major comeback and are available in stunning designs. This factor depends entirely on which you think will match your style aesthetic more and would be better for your home in the long run.


One of the best parts about wallpapers is that along with designs there are also a variety of textures available. You can also get textures with paints as well but that requires special application techniques which are time consuming and costly.



Wallpapers if applied professionally and through correct preparation are extremely durable and long lasting. They are perfect for homes with children as they are a lot more resistant to wear and tear and come in scrubbable varieties. However areas with extremely high moisture such as bathrooms may cause the wallpaper to peel from corners as it is applied with adhesive.


Paints, even though not as durable as wallpaper, require a much easier preparation and are a lot more inexpensive. Paint is also now available in dust and dirt resistant varieties as well. Paints however do get chipped and damaged which require repainting.



The overall preparation and application process of wallpaper is a little more costly than paint. Since wallpaper is bought in rolls, those also tend to cost a lot more than paint hence it can be said that wallpaper services are likely to cost you more than paint services.


However it is understood that prices may vary depending on the wallpaper design and type you choose or the type of paint you choose.


System of works before painting

  1. All small cracks scraping, cleaning and filling with cracks filler.
  2. If there are any big cracks, the same will be cut with a grinding machine, the cutting area will be treated with NITOBOND S.B.R chemical for preventing further cracks, then fixed with fiber glass net and filling the cracks with FOSROC cement.
  3. If there is any loose plaster, the same will be removed if any ROD comes out it will be cleaned with a brush. The rust proof chemical NITO PRIMER ZINCRICH S- EXTRA will be applied as anti correction primer for exposed steel then Re-plastered by FOSROC cement.
  4. If there is any loose paint or damaged paint the same will be scrapped and cleaned and will be touched-up with the same paint.


System of Painting

First coat of Acrylic Primer (JOTUN), NATIONAL PAINT, RAK.DELUX

and second coat Acrylic Primer (JOUTUN) NATIONAL PAINT, RAK, and Dulux