We have very good painters. Basically, they are from Bangladesh & India. They are very experts in their fields. Painting of External Wall of Building’s, Balconies, Parapet Wall (External & Internal), Lift Tower, Stair External Wall, Airhole parapet wall. Roof service wall

Procedure of Painting Works

Our experienced Plumbers can professionally carry out any plumbing task big or small.

  1. Cleaning of Marble walls
  2. Removal of damaged paint

 System of works before painting:

  1. All small cracks scraping, cleaning and filling with cracks filler.
  2. If there are any big cracks, the same will be cutting with grinding machine, the cutting area will be treated NITO BOND S.B.R chemical for preventing further cracks, then fixing with fiber glass net and filling the cracks with FOSROC cement.
  3. If there is any loose plaster, the same will be removed if any ROD comes out it will be cleaned with a brush. The rust proof chemical NITO PRIMER ZINCRICH S- EXTRA will be applied as anti correction primer for exposed steel then Re-plastered by FOSROC cement.
  4. If there is any loose paint or damaged paint the same will be scrapping and cleaned and will be touch-up with same paint.

System of Painting

  1. 1 coat Acrylic Primer (JOTUN), NATIONAL PAINT, RAK.DELUX
  2. coat Acrylic Primer (JOUTUN) NATIONAL PAINT, RAK, and Dulux